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About Our Services
Your recovery from addiction is our number one priority.
As a community-based drug treatment center, we specialize in the treatment of opioid abuse through medication assisted therapy.  We use Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) along with flexible counseling services that make your recovery our number one priority.  
Recovery is a long road and we want you to understand what this type of treatment involves.  Medication Assisted Therapy involves drug replacement therapy, in this case, the use of methadone.  What this means is once you are admitted as a patient, you will receive your first dose of methadone.  Over the course of several months, you can decide, with your counselor's and doctor's approval, what your optimal dosage will be.  Once your optimal dosage is reached, you may choose to taper off the medication to finally become drug free!

Important things you should know about this type of treatment:
  • Minimum recommended treatment time is 12 months with no maximum treatment time
  • This is an outpatient service that requires daily attendance for a period of time to receive your daily dose.  
  • You will work with your counselor to set up goals on what is called a treatment plan
  • You will be required to submit to random drug screening
  • MAT is not a 12-step program or rehab center
  • Your treatment is completely confidential
According to the CDC, the benefits of Methadone include:
  • Reduced or stopped use of injection drugs
  • Reduced risk of overdose and of acquiring or transmitting diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, bacterial infections, endocarditis, soft tissue infections, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis, and STDs
  • Reduced mortality – the median death rate of opiate-dependent individuals in MMT is 30 percent of the rate of those not in MMT
  • Possible reduction in sexual risk behaviors, although evidence on this point is conflicting
  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Improved family stability and employment potential
  • Improved pregnancy outcomes.
Using commonly accepted criteria for medical interventions, several studies have also shown that MMT is extremely cost-effective. 
People in treatment must never share their medication because overdose deaths have been caused by this.  Like any medication, it must be used only as prescribed.